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Brain Health Hawaii Highlight: Carissa Moore

Olympic gold medalist Carissa Moore shares her journey to winning despite many challenges. She knew that the Olympics would be a momentous event in her life. She already had the skill, but what reinforced her mental muscles were her personalized…

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Brain Health Hawaii Highlight: Jesse Sapolu

“It really feels like I'm 18 again,” says four-time Super Bowl Champion Jesse Sapolu. Without a doubt, he really does sound youthful when you hear him speak with such clarity. Jesse’s life has always been active. After his career with…

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Brain Health Hawaii Highlight: Wyatt McHale

Concussions and symptoms of head injuries are appropriately coming to the forefront of attention in surfing.  Although head-related injuries are all too common in the sport, few cases are ever reported due to the misbelief that if you’re not knocked…

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Brain Health Hawaii Highlight: Landon McNamara

Landon McNamara shares his Brain Health Hawaii experience as a surfer and musician. Landon grew up surfing on the North Shore of Oahu and was raised around professional surfers. He was inspired to surf and do music by his neighbor…

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One Hit Away: Brain Healing Podcasts

One Hit Away Foundation provides resources for education and advocacy for brain healing and brain health from sports-related brain injuries caused by a
 recognized concussion, sub-concussive hits or a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Dr. Jason Keifer was featured on their Podcast talking…

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