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Exciting news for active military and ex-military personnel! TRICARE covers transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) on an outpatient basis, allowing thousands of veterans, active military personnel, and their families to receive state-of-the-art mental health treatment.

TRICARE Health Insurance is a plan issued by the United States’ Defense Health Agency (DHA) and offered to military personnel. 

In 2014, TRICARE considered TMS to be a proven treatment for major depressive disorder. And in 2016, TRICARE started providing coverage for TMS therapy.

TRICARE West covers TMS as a limited benefit, meaning that prior authorization is required. To expedite this review, providers may submit a Letter of Attestation form for TMS — which can be found here

Brain Health Hawaii can help this process by including the patient’s information, providing a diagnosis, and the medical necessity information.

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Brain Health Hawaii gladly serves all active military, military retirees, and their family members. 

We greatly appreciate your service to our country!


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