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Our Mission

We are committed to prioritizing your brain health and performance goals.  We aim to  help you feel, sleep, think and perform better as quickly as possible. Personalizing your experience leads to optimal health and performance.

Experience & Professionalism

Having worked with thousands of children, teens and adults of all ages, Dr. Keifer has developed an acute understanding of brain health and predictors of peak performance. With clinical outcomes better than published in medical journals, he is the most experienced and trusted brain treatment physician in Hawaii.

Physicians & Staff Who Care

Our passion and day-to-day focus is helping the people we work with achieve health and success – from symptomatic to health, health to peak performance. We aim to improve your quality of life, achieve your goals, and optimize your body to live your best life possible.

The Ultimate Balance of Personalized Care & Technology

People Come to Us For

Brain Mapping

A brain map detects subtle changes in brain-wave forms. Sometimes, symptoms are caused by underactive brain areas, showing excessively slow brain waves that impair function. Other times, symptoms are caused by overstimulated brain areas, showing too many fast brain waves.

Click here for more brain mapping information.

Concussion and Head Injury

Symptoms of brain injury or concussion may seem mild or go unnoticed at first, but can also appear later and worsen over time.  Following a concussion, about 15-20% of patients continue to have symptoms for a year or longer negatively impacting memory, attention, sleep and can lead to chronic headaches, depression and anxiety.  We have helped many patients, teens and adults, experience relief  from the effects of post-concussive syndrome using non-invasive, pain-free, non-pharmaceutical treatment.

Our post-concussion treatment program is leading the nation in clinical outcomes.

Performance Enhancement

Peak performance is possible when you sleep better, you recover faster, and you think more clearly. Whether you are a corporate executive, entrepreneur, medical student, attorney, engineer or competitive athlete, optimizing brain connection and efficiency can enhance cognitive & physical performance, memory, decision-making and restore proper sleep rhythm without the use of medication. Brain Health Hawaii can help you enhance your performance. Many professional & collegiate athletes, military operators and CEO’s experience peak performance as a result of our safe, drug-free, pain-free brain enhancement.

"Mommy Brain" Perimenopause

Pregnancy and hormone changes have a bioenergetic impact on a woman’s brain and general cognitive functioning.  Symptoms of mommy brain and perimenopausal brain have similar features including word finding & memory changes and a sense of absentmindedness, proneness to anxious thoughts, low energy, feeling irritable, and non-restorative sleep patterns.


Brain Health Hawaii offers a non-pharmaceutical option for those with autism.  We are proud to be on the leading edge, having helped many with autism see significant functional improvement. Studies show people with autism have different brainwave patterns compared to those without autism.  Since TMS can restore brainwaves and neuronal activity to normal levels, it may improve many of the symptoms associated with autism.


Most mental health conditions involve some degree of disrupted brain activity in the form of dysregulated or imbalanced brainwave patterns.  ADHD is no different.  Research has shown ADHD is caused by chemical, structural, and connectivity differences in the brain networks responsible for self-regulation & executive functioning. Our Functional Brain Assessment (FBA) may allow us to identify brainwave irregularities responsible for your symptoms of ADHD.

Brain Fog and Memory Problems

According to the leading sleep experts in health and neuroscience, sleep is your superpower.  Restoring your sleep cycle and strengthening the brains frontal lobe, may allow your brain to feel better and think faster and more clear. Disrupted sleep and brain health is currently considered by experts in the field to be the leading risk factor for dementia and brain fog.  We have helped many, children and adults, overcome brain fog symptoms without the use of medication.  Young, old and post-COVID, Brain Health Hawaii has experience helping people improve brain strength and performance.

Depression and Anxiety

Nearly one-third of all teens and adults are affected by moderate to severe anxiety, making it one of the most common mental health problems.  Anxiety  can lead to physical health ailments, sleep problems and decreased quality of life.  Antidepressant medications fail to help 30-50% of patients diagnosed with depression and our approach has helped many patients experience relief without medication.

Sleep Problems

Research and clinical experience has shown  just a few nights of fragmented, non-restorative sleep can have a very serious negative impact on your skin and appearance, and on an even deeper level, your immune system, leaving you in the short and long run more vulnerable to infections and cancer.  It affects your mood and ability to handle stress, physical strength, memory and critical decision-making ability.  Less than optimal sleep negatively impacts essentially every aspect of the organ systems in your body.

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