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Meet the Team: Dr. Jennifer King

“I’m a team builder at heart.” That’s the spirit of Dr. Jennifer King, who we recently welcomed to our team at Brain Health Hawaii. In her nearly 15-year practice as a pediatric sports medicine physician, Dr. King has teamed with the Department of Health’s HCAMP (Hawaii Concussion Awareness Management Program) to treat concussion mainly among high school athletes. Passionate about getting kids “back to baseline as quickly as possible,” she also teamed with vestibular, speech and behavioral health specialists in a multidisciplinary clinic. Yet, while a small number of kids showed no progress, the kids that did improve mentioned they were patients here at Brain Heath Hawaii. Thus began our collaboration and partnership.

Dr. King feels that different people will respond to different treatments, owing to the many sub-types of concussions that exist. To her, “If we can get to that earlier on, then the kids are just going to do better a lot faster.” And through this philosophy, we hope to help more young people recover from concussions and perform at their best.

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